U.S. Hay Inc was founded in 1997 by Ron Hiatt, literally on a wing and a prayer, and a valuable relationship with a Marion County banker who understood what Ron had to offer the Marion County horse community. That visionary support opened the door to an opportunity that has bless his family for three generations.

The mission statement for U.S. Hay Inc was to establish a network that would meet the need for hay and feed, with integrity, by providing the highest quality hay and feed available, complimented by customer focused service and relationships.

Ron, founder and CEO, is always quick to remind the team that his is God’s business, founded on faith. God blessed us with great customers from day one, and He has faithfully blessed the business since day one, now to the third generation of Marion County Hiatt’s (and Lawson’s).

This is a business built on relationships and U.S. Hay has established a network of relationships throughout the United States and Canada that faithfully meets our needs for outstanding hay and feed. Our job, at U.S. Hay Inc, is to connect each specific hay need to customers, while maintaining the highest standards for hay quality, quality control, integrity and service. We invite you to give us an opportunity to demonstrate our devotion as a company to these defining characteristics of hay and feed sales.

This rewarding, family owned business, is built on relationships of faith and trust, with both the growers and consumers. We give our all and do our best to serve you, our customer, while giving God the glory for all we are and all we do.

Ron Hiatt

CEO, Founder

A graduate of Colorado State University with a BS in Animal Science, Ron leads the team at U.S. Hay as its founder and CEO. Ron has been involved in the horse and hay industry for over 50 years. While growing up in Colorado, his family raised hay and horses on their own land, giving Ron an opportunity to experience life as a horseman, and a hay grower. Great preparation for the future he would eventually envision as a hay broker in Marion County.

As an active resident in Marion county for over 32 years, Ron has been involved in building and coordinating the hay brokerage business across the United States and Canada throughout those 32 years.

Ron founded U.S. Hay in 1997 with the mission to serve, with integrity and commitment, the hay and feed needs of horsemen throughout Marion County, Florida and beyond. No broker in Florida is more committed to understanding and helping design a successful and consistent, hay and feed program than Ron and the team at U.S. Hay.

Ron would be quick to tell you God blessed us with the business and has faithfully blessed the business with customers and employees over the year that make this business a blessing. The team at U.S. Hay strives to serve you in a way that reflects the faithfulness God has shown us.

Aaron Hiatt

Chief Operation Officer

Aaron was born in Colorado and became a resident of Marion County at five years old.  He has spent his whole life around horses and hay. So, after graduating from Central Florida Community College with an AS in business, he naturally returned to his roots with U.S. Hay.  Aaron considers Ocala his home and represents the second generation of family dedication to the Marion County horse industry.

Aaron joined U.S. Hay in 2003, and has spent the past 15 years developing strong relationships with local trainers, veterinarians, and people who just love horses as well as the growers who are the life blood of U.S. Hay.  While his contributions to U.S. Hay are unlimited, he is primarily focused on strategic development of transportation support. In addition, he builds and maintains relationships with growers throughout the nation, feed and hay stores throughout the state, and beyond.

As the Chief Operation Officer, Aaron helps guide the faith-based business model in every aspect of relationships and operations.  Aaron enjoys spending time with his family and friends, golfing, and working out at the gym. Aaron would tell you there is nothing more important than his relationship with Jesus Christ, his wife Trisha, son Sutton, and extended family.

Christina Hiatt Lawson

Office Manager

Christina was born in Colorado and moved here at five years old. Christina enjoyed riding horses during her early years and is passionate about providing them with the best hay and feed.

She has been with US Hay since 2009, when she started out as a secretary. She quickly became an indispensable part of the team and is now the Office Manager.

Christina excels at customer relations, business administration, and accounting.

She enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Jason, and their three wonderful children. Christina also enjoys giving back to the community and she teaches ballet at Dance Divine.

Jason Lawson

Chief Financial Officer

Jason was born in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. He moved to Ocala in 1987 with his parents because they were interested in becoming a part of Ocala’s Equine industry and has been an active member of the community ever since.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The University of Central Florida.

Jason handles the retail side of the business and oversees financial decisions. His areas of expertise include client relations, scheduling and logistics, retail sales, order fulfillment, and mechanization of labor. He is an innovator and provides ideas and methods that help to improve the company’s efficiency.

Jason enjoys what he does and feels privileged to work in the horse capital of the world. He’s also glad to be providing the best hay and feed for the best horses in the world.